30 Under 30: Magdalena Madrigal

During the day, Magdalena Madrigal works for a media company helping bring data to life through analytics. At night, she’s a community organizer helping educate Latinos in global tech innovation at Web3 Familia: a nonprofit exploring the emerging opportunities of Web3, crypto, decentralized finance, blockchains, and NFTs.

Madrigal has helped build a community that includes monthly Web3 education sessions, Chicago’s first NFT Latino gallery, and other grassroots efforts seeking to bring people together.

The goal of Web3 Familia is to onboard one million Latinos into the web 3.0 space. Madrigal is also passionate about educational reform to help the next generation of leaders to feel supported about what they might be passionate about.

“We all know children are the future, yet the older we get, the more we shrug off the younger generations,” Madrigal says. “When we were younger, we wanted someone to be there for us and help make things more accessible. I think we need to try and hold onto that mindset to make life better for the next generation.”

Madrigal also hopes Latinos will try and let go of the imposter syndrome that is common for those who haven’t had a great deal of exposure to fields they’re interested in. “One day, I just decided to pretend that I was qualified enough to be accepted in my own head,” Madrigal says. “That showed me that this fear was only something I curated in my own mind.”

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