30 Under 30: Lenica Morales Valenzuela

As a regulatory-focused leader at Zipline International, Lenica Morales Valenzuela can often be found traveling across the world, meeting with regulators to obtain the necessary approvals or authorizations for Zipline to expand its global footprint. Morales Valenzuela is tasked with engaging in instrumental conversations and presentations on behalf of Zipline with high-level government officials.

“It’s an opportunity to build relationships and partnerships and to bring innovative and life-saving technology to a country for the first time in a safe and secure manner,” Morales Valenzuela says. The director was able to lead Zipline’s entry into Kenya, bringing drone deliveries at scale to the country that is known for its early adoption of new technology and innovation.

Personally, Morales Valenzuela is passionate about generational change and education.

“Being Guatemalan at times meant being part of the small percentage of Guatemalan women who have had the chance to get an education—in either Guatemala or the US,” Morales Valenzuela explains. “For myself and my family, education was a way to start the generational change we wanted to see for ourselves. Every Guatemalan should have this opportunity.”

As a first-generation and queer Latinx professional, Morales Valenzuela notes the challenge of learning to adapt to a global professional setting while remaining authentic to herself. She’s met that head-on through making mistakes, mentorship, time, and the help of her first-generation community.

“In being okay with making mistakes and giving myself space to adjust and reflect, I was able to take steps towards becoming the person and professional that I want to be in my career,” she says.

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