30 Under 30: Jennifer-Lee Nieves Álvarez

For the past six years, Jennifer-Lee Nieves Álvarez has engaged in public partnerships on behalf of the United Nations International Children Fund (UNICEF). Those partnerships include governments, with whom Nieves Álvarez is tasked to ensure that their policies and investments benefit children on a national and international level.

“Having children’s voices, perspectives, and ideas reflected on the issues that affect them the most is key for comprehensive policies and legislation; therefore, part of my work centers on bringing together governments, civil society, children, and youth at different moments of the decision-making process,” Nieves Álvarez says.

The partnerships specialist’s career highlight thus far came in coordinating an action-oriented platform of sixty-nine governments seeking to champion children’s rights and well-being within the sustainable development agenda. “I am humbled to be part of the success of a platform of governments that has ensured children’s rights are reflected in international negotiations and processes on issues such as global migration, climate change, and education,” she says.

Nieves Álvarez is passionate about children’s rights and educational access. She’s truly found an incredible way to mirror her passions with her work.

Outside of her role, Nieves Álvarez works on behalf of her church’s children’s ministry, where she teaches preschoolers. “When I was a child, I had people in my community who made an impact in life by sharing their faith and testimonies with me,” Nieves Álvarez says. “My hope is that I also can be an instrument to serve others.”

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