30 Under 30: Jasmin Gonzalez

Jasmin Gonzalez is a DEI and community engagement enthusiast specializing in transformative consulting within the technology industry. She considers her greatest accomplishment the fact that she has successfully merged her passions and her expertise to better serve Latinx and other diverse communities.

Her most recent endeavors include leading the largest Latinx community of tech professionals, Techqueria, as their executive director during their significant growth and transitions over the pandemic. Prior to her transition into technology, Gonzalez worked closely to provide resources and education to underrepresented communities in the greater Philadelphia community.

As a consultant she is incredibly passionate about uplifting and supporting minority communities and serves as a mentor, lending her time and expertise to organizations that support diverse professionals. She presently serves as a board member of the Connecticut chapter for the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers, which advocates and nurtures Hispanic leadership in STEM fields.

Gonzalez has also spent the last two years serving on Techsgiving’s board, allowing her the chance to reconnect with the K-12 kids she spent her earlier years teaching. She also presently collaborates with Render Atlanta. “It also allows me the opportunity to foster a safe space for genuine networking among Black and brown tech professionals,” she shares.

As an advocate for the advancement of the Latinx community, Gonzalez suggests following Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Mujerista, Mary Frances Winters, and Asif Sadiq. “I believe that these individuals and initiatives have been a great resource as I continue to advocate for the advancement of the Latinx community and our counterparts,” Gonzalez says. “We are living in a very revolutionary time, and it is my belief that the only way to move forward is to continue to learn about our surroundings and the circumstances that are presented to us.”

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