30 Under 30: Henry Quintana

Henry Quintana says he’s made a career out of throwing himself into the deep end, scaling tech start-ups that connect people to things that they need most: transportation, housing, and healthcare. Quintana is the expansion operations manager at Capsule and has spent the last three years flying across the United States, building out Capsule pharmacies from start to finish.

Capsule has also played host to Quintana’s career highlight thus far. “My greatest career accomplishment to date has been stepping up and accelerating Capsule’s growth during the pandemic,” Quintana explains. “This was a time when many businesses were, unfortunately, going under, but I personally led and implemented the process changes that resulted in Capsule expanding faster than ever during COVID.”

Quintana is passionate about health, financial literacy, and increasing Latino representation in the tech space. He is an active member of Techqueria’s New York City chapter, and he takes every speaking engagement opportunity to candidly share his experiences and learnings with other Latinos.

“I want to see many more Latinos having access to the wonderful and rewarding careers and opportunities that the tech sector has to offer,” the manager says. “I also want to see more Latinos not only in the offices of tech companies but also founding companies themselves and having a seat in the board room. I aspire to be one of those Latinos.”

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