30 Under 30: Eddie Sandoval

Eddie Sandoval is the CEO and founder of Pinole Blue, a heritage food products company utilizing pinole and organic blue corn sourced from family farms in Chihuahua, Mexico. Sandoval handles operations, finance, marketing, and sales for the small business that has been featured on Midwest Living, BuzzFeed, Remezcla, and Season 13 of Shark Tank.

As a rising Latinx professional, one of Sandoval’s greatest challenges has been educating consumers, including a huge percentage of Latinos, about foods like pinole and stone-ground blue corn tortillas.

“There is even a huge percentage of Latinx that do not know that [these] are both Mexican recipes since the time of the Aztecs,” Sandoval explains. “I had to get very creative with social media, pop-up events, and influencers. Thanks to TikTok, we have had viral videos that told our story and educated everyone about these forgotten recipes and the health benefits of blue corn.”

Along with his growing business, Sandoval is an advocate for health in the Latinx community, particularly when it comes to issues like diabetes, cholesterol, and heart issues. “That is why Pinole Blue is bringing back ancient recipes but with a healthier twist, so we can continue eating the traditional food we are used to,” the CEO says.

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