30 Under 30: Daisy Prado

As the health and safety program manager at the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, Daisy Prado acts as an intersectional community advocate and proud feminist leader championing women of color in San Francisco. Prado oversees programs and guides policy to help improve the health and safety of women and girls of the Golden City.

Along with her day-to-day role, Prado was also appointed by San Francisco’s Mayor London Breed to serve on the Commission on the Status of Women, the only Latina on the commission at the time.

Prado has also served as a volunteer board member of the ACLU San Francisco chapter and writes a newsletter called “The Work Isn’t Done,” focused on fighting all forms of oppression through advancing education and encouraging global activism.

“I do this work, both professionally and personally, because my mother taught me at an early age that the greatest thing we can do as humans is to be kind to one another and uplift those who don’t have the same opportunities, privileges, and resources that we do,” Prado says.

As a rising Latinx professional, Prado says imposter syndrome is a common phenomenon that needs to be overcome. “Many of us are the first in our families to hit many milestones; the first to graduate college, the first to move out of our parent’s house, the first to have a salaried job,” Prado says. “Without anyone helping us navigate these spaces, it’s easy to feel like you are not qualified enough to sit at the table. I’ve had to work on unraveling this feeling through intentional self-care, therapy, and leaning on my mentors, peers, and support system.”

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