30 Under 30: Kasey Sanseverino

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Kasey Sanseverino has big plans for her future, and one of them is simple but striking: she wants to leave the door open behind her and help others progress in their own careers. She’s currently technical program manager at Facebook, where she leads teams in protecting Instagram user data privacy; it’s a task she accomplishes in part by establishing company-wide best practices that directly impact the ever-changing privacy landscape. She also leads the resource group for Latinx Instagram employees.

Outside of work, Sanseverino is the founder of a local coding camp that supports her former school district: she built a team to help girls and other underrepresented groups in technology learn programming basics. Over the past six years her camp has supported more than three hundred students, and alumni have not only gone on to major in engineering in college but have also come back and contributed to the camp. Moving forward, she wants to serve others on a broader scale by building products that help historically excluded people and solve traditionally overlooked problems.

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