30 Under 30: Angel Montesdeoca

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The phrase “I work in artificial intelligence” is likely to spark questions along the lines of “But what does that mean?” We’re confident that Angel Montesdeoca, head of AI product and innovation for IBM’s AI fund and incubator Hyper Blue, handles this question with grace and class. Not only does he live and breathe artificial intelligence at a company that gives him plenty of room to learn and develop but he also leads a team of more than thirty engineers and designers.

He’s far from peaking, and while his schedule is nothing less than demanding, Montesdeoca still manages to give back to his community. Within IBM, he leads a business resource group that works to recruit, develop, and promote the next generation of leaders through mentorship, internship programs, and more. He also mentors and advises college students who are interested in tech careers. He’s still hungry for more, though, and his future goals include managing his own AI fund, serving on nonprofit and company boards, and doing it all in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. With a true passion for his work and a natural fire for accomplishment, we’re confident Montesdeoca will secure a spot on the world stage.

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