Lori Martinez: Spotlight on Outreach

As VP of global compliance and ethics for McKesson, Lori Martinez leads the team responsible for strategy, implementation, and oversight of compliance and ethics programs enterprise-wide. Martinez is also the current chair of PALMa.

“PALMa’s current focus is the recruitment and development of talent. The PALMa ERG celebrates our rich Latino culture and encourages our members to take an active leadership role within the group and our company. It provides great professional and personal development for our members. We’ve focused on areas such as personal branding and how to develop a network. It’s also a great way to help McKesson get involved in Latino communities across industries while building business and leadership skills.

Our goal is to continue to focus on our people by providing professional skills and the network they need to move forward in their careers. PALMa is a community that works together to help each individual succeed. We work closely with our recruiting team to bring in and support the best and brightest from the Latino community. ERGs such as PALMa are a valuable resource to welcome and retain fabulous new talent. Members provide important advice and support early in their tenure at McKesson. This welcoming touch can make a difference in how connected a new hire will feel at the company.

Our ERG has been local in its focus, and we plan to continue expanding across McKesson to reach broader audiences and produce bigger impacts for the business. When we contribute our Latino perspective and community experiences, we make a difference in the health care sector.

The national strategy will provide professionals early in their career with opportunities to develop their strategic planning and decision-making skills. Activities expose members to many aspects of the company they may not otherwise experience. It also introduces members to a new network of senior professionals available to coach and mentor them later in their career.

One example is a program in which we connect our high-potential leaders who have been through our leadership development program with PALMa members early in their careers. They work together over a nine-month period, focusing on topics the mentee would like to work on. They set a goal, get to know each other, and meet regularly to make progress. This program not only develops the mentee but also develops the mentor’s coaching and leadership competencies.

Within McKesson, we’ve worked together to create connections with other ERGs. We support each other’s events and find ways to sponsor joint events in which members may be looking for something in common. This also helps us maximize our resources. Another area in which we work with other ERGs is in recruitment. All of us work together to bring a diverse workforce into McKesson. We share job information and frequently recommend key talent across the organization.

One external partner we’ve worked with is ALPFA. We’ve partnered with the San Francisco chapter for several years. We’ve sponsored their annual Women of ALPFA event. This partnership has provided members with exposure outside McKesson and within the Latino business community. ALPFA has strong programs that support both our network and professional skill-development goals.”