Editor’s Letter: January/February 2017

I love getting the chance to work with a guest editor for a feature section, because it’s like getting a master class from a true virtuoso in an area of study I would never otherwise get the opportunity to pursue—like human resources and talent development. Any of us who work with others deal with HR on some level, but how to perfect the techniques of developing talent is something I never thought much about—until now. By featuring a handful of top HR leaders across the country, the Hispanic Executive team had the unique opportunity to learn from Maribel Hines, who has perfected the extraordinary talent of developing extraordinary talent.

Hines leads talent and organization development for Universal Music, with its dozens of labels and hundreds of artists. Hines develops the talents of those who represent the artists. She has a clear passion for helping people become the best versions of themselves professionally. Those who raise their hands—or voices—in her class, get the tools they need to succeed.

Hines’s HR department exists to support and encourage; to squelch fears and appreciate unique abilities. Everyone at some point or another will likely feel unsupported or underappreciated  in their careers, but people like Hines and the other leaders in this issue remind us that help is there for those who want it. As I write this just days after the presidential election, I can’t help but keep in mind the many people in this country who have expressed feeling they are on their own or isolated. That’s where leaders like Maribel Hines emerge to remind us that we’re in this together and that our talents exist, can be developed, and are needed.