Conversations at the Top: Jessica Alba Talks

Quoted excerpts from Ruben Navarrette's interview with actor and businesswoman Jessica Alba for our "Conversations at the Top" series

Jessica Alba, Cofounder, The Honest Company
Photo by Justin Coit

Actor and businesswoman Jessica Alba explores her experiences in Hollywood, the inspiration she takes from her family, and her passion for nontoxic household products.

Jessica Talks: Family Influence

“My grandparents are really humble. They never showed off, even though my grandfather accomplished so much and my grandmother was an incredible, talented artist, singer, dancer, all of that—and she can paint, and she can sketch. She was amazing. They loved being on stage, and it sounded like—just from hearing their stories—that’s where they really shined. They still talk to me about it. I’ve gone and visited the spots where those shows were held. [To them], that was the best time of [their] lives. That was always in my blood, always part of my performing.”

Jessica Talks: Transforming Through Acting

“For me, I could leave behind who I was. I was a very sick kid. But thanks to acting, I could be anyone. I didn’t have to be just a sick kid who was in the hospital all the time—I got to be a superhero. That, to me, was so liberating.”

Jessica Talks: A Mantra and Mindset

“I was taught, ‘Don’t complain. Work really hard. Don’t be a show-off. Don’t think that you need to flaunt your stuff. Just keep your head down, keep it moving, and stay focused on your goal.’ That discipline is why, I think, I figured out how to navigate my way through Hollywood and avoid a lot of the stereotypes and the stigmas that are attached to Latinos in Hollywood.”

Jessica Talks: Lobbying Congress

“They really tried to turn it into a conservative/liberal conversation. I was like, ‘There’s nothing liberal about this. This is a human health issue. I don’t care what party you’re aligned with: nobody wants to be a guinea pig or a lab rat. If no one is going to do anything, I’m going to create a company. I’m going to create the solution.’”

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