New Year, New Hispanic Executive

If you’re going to be in the business of making statements, you have to answer a critical question: So what?

At the beginning of 2014, the Hispanic Executive team took a hard look at the statements we were making and the magazine that contained them all, and we asked ourselves that question. Latinos are the most entrepreneurial demographic in the United States; so what? Hispanics will soon be the majority of the US population; so what? Latino professionals are the link between corporate America and Hispanic America; so what? At Hispanic Executive, we’ve united powerful leaders; now what?

Coming 2015

January 1

HE‘s first bimonthly issue and redesign premiere
a focus on major league sports

March 1

Our March/April issue debuts with our 2nd annual Best of the Boardroom spotlight

March 25

Uniting Powerful Leaders Dinner: San Antonio

May 1

Our May/June issue debuts, and we tackle tough questions in health care

May 27

Uniting Powerful Leaders Dinner: Chicago

For years, Hispanic Executive told the stories of successful, enterprising, and insightful Latinos, but the conversation remained insular. When we spoke of education, we spoke of parents who instilled commitment and mentors who helped navigate the professional world. But rarely did we consider how to replicate that path to prosperity—how to scale it so that our executives were not the exceptions, but the rule. When we spoke of founders, we spoke of building businesses from the ground up, but we gave little attention to quelling the epidemic of Hispanic entrepreneurs whose shops shutter due to lack of resources and business acumen. When we spoke of demographics, we dropped numbers like 50 million and one-third of the population, but we left them on the table without a plan to mobilize and a business case to pay attention.

We realized the next statement we needed to make was an explanation. And we needed to give our Hispanic leaders the chance to shape it. So we set out on a yearlong mission to fundamentally change the focus of our magazine. We began with our mission, the standard to which we would hold everything we would print:

Hispanic Executive is the voice of the leaders of the new majority. The Hispanic population holds unmatched economic, political, and social power. We convene business’s most influential Latinos to shape the dialogue on this cultural force. They are ambassadors connecting corporate America to Hispanic America and driving growth in the global marketplace. From our pages emerges a forum where these, the brightest minds in the Américas, unite.

In this statement, we begin with our context: Hispanic America is a group demanding attention for its buying and voting power as well as its cultural influence. Next, we explain our method: we gather those Hispanics who know the path to success and influence, and we allow them to articulate their value proposition. Finally, we describe our product: each issue of Hispanic Executive is a meeting of the minds unlike any other. Read it to be a part of a dialogue that only takes place here.

In January of 2015, HE will debut a magazine with a renewed purpose and a fresh look. We will take a holistic approach to what it means to be a Hispanic executive in America. And our answer to the critical question, “So what?” will be direct and certain: Business leaders, you cannot afford to misunderstand your largest consumer segment. Policy makers, your Hispanic constituents will determine the length of our tenure. And fellow successful Hispanics, the makeup of your office, your industry, and your leadership are entirely up to you. Join the thought leaders and innovators. Embrace the opportunity at hand. Hispanic Executive is your entry to the conversation.